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Thursday, December 4, 2008

SourCreamTimbits Makes a Comeback as Princess Mouseau!

I am so pleased that I can finally launch my new blog after a few years of hiatus. My blog was previously known as SourCreamTimbits where I discuss mostly about food, the blog's still there, but I decided to create a new blog to start with a blank slate ^^

You must be wondering, what the heck is Princess Mouseau??

I was born during the year of the mouse (I prefer mouse than rat) and I keep this little purple mouse doll (on the banner) since I was a little girl. So, everything that has to do with cute cartoony mouse always gets me. I would say that this particular purple mouse is my icon. Mouseau is just my fancy deviation from the word mouse. Then my sister embelished it with the word Princess and I like it.. there you have it!

I have been waiting for the day I finally finish making my banner. It's finally here and I am so excited! Now I can start sharing my current knitting projects, what I cooked for dinner, and my newly found interest in baking! Life is good so far because I have decided to take a break from the real life and enjoy my transition to working and responsible adulthood.

It is great to finally make a comeback and just sit tight for more delicious and interesting pictures!



Blogger Jessica said...

yes yes, thank me! =D

February 18, 2009 at 8:02 PM  

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